Think Again

Underlying Research

For those interested in understanding the basis for our conclusions in Think Again – here are some links to information about the research we reviewed and carried out ourselves:

  • Our case database that we used
  • The bibliography of books and articles referenced in Think Again
  • A description of the many different biases identified by other researchers, and how we think they relate to the four red flag conditions that we identify in Think Again

We also have a link to a description of our personal backgrounds – because much of our thinking has developed over decades…not just the three years that we spent researching and writing this book. As one of the world’s leading researchers into corporate strategy Andrew Campbell has been privy to some of the most important decisions made in some of the world’s biggest companies. In his research – captured in his bestselling book, Why Smart Executives Fail – Sydney Finkelstein has examined the intricacies of failure. From his doctoral research on decision making and his years with the Boston Consulting Group, Jo Whitehead has a unique combination of intellectual rigor and practical experience.