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Reviews of Think Again

One Minute Review - Think Again: Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions and How to Keep It From Happening to You. Decisions are the lifeblood of action, in organisations and for individuals. Without them little gets done. Yet decisions can be complex and we as leaders are never going to get everything right. Richard Mitchell- Divisional Manager NWLH trust and Janine Chandler – Strategic Consultant COI – Both Ashridge MBA students 2008.

Think Again: Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions and How to Keep it From Happening to You. Value Partnership, Simon Court, April 2009.

IBM forderte einst auf zu denken: Think! Dann war wohl eine Denkpause, aber jetzt soll wieder gedacht werden. So sehen deas die Autoren in ihrem interessanten Buch, das Fehlverhalten von Managern, Gneralen etc. Zub, page 69, 02.09.

A toolkit for avoiding the wrong decision, The Financial Times, Stefan Stern, February 12 2009.

We must decide to keep the red flag flying here, The Observer, Simon Caulkin, Sunday January 25 2009.

Think Again in Academic Journals and the Media

An article based on Think Again has won an Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence, being voted one of the 50 best articles published in 2009 in management. How Inappropriate Attachments Can Drive Good Leaders to Make Bad Decisions, published in Organizational Dynamics volume 38, issue 2.

Think Again How Good Leaders can avoid bad decisions, Ashridge 360, Spring 2009.

>How the mighty fall, in five stages, The Globe and Mail (Canada), June 17, 2009, Harvey Schachter.

Prise de Décision, Business Digest No. 195, Page 16, April 2009.

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People’s attitudes are shaped by their previous experiences. In addition, cultural backgrounds have impact on the ways changes are planned and on employee reactions to them. Ceeman News, Issue 51, Spring 2009, Page 52.

Boards Caused This Mess. Here's How to Fix Them, Forbes, Eric Jackson and Sydney Finkelstein, February 18, 2009.

How to avoid making bad decisions, Management Today, February 2009.

Why good leaders make bad decisions, Harvard Business Review, Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead and Sydney Finkelstein, February 2009.

Bad Management: Why managers make poor decisions, Business Week, Matt Boyle, February 2009.

How Emotional Tagging Can Push Leaders to Make Bad Decisions, Ivey Business Journal, January/February, 2009.

Think Again, Tuck today, Sydney Finkelstein, February 2009.


Peter Day talks to Prof Sydney Finkelstein of Dartmouth’s Tuck Business School. He has analysed how intelligent business people can think they are using sound decision-making processes, but in reality are way off the mark. April 1, 2009.

Think Again an interview with Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead and Sydney Finkelstein, Emerald Management First by Debbie Hepton, March 2009.

Why good leaders make bad decisions... and what you can do about it. Andrew Campbell talks to Kathleen Melymuka about how to recognize the danger signs and head off a bad call. Computerworld Management, February 16, 2009.

iTunes, Engaging Brand, Podcast interview with Anna Famery, February 2009.

Federal news radio interview, February 2009.

Why good CEOs make bad moves, The, Eric Jackson, 27 January 2009.

In the media

Lasting appeal of interims, Financial Times, Stefan Stern, April 27 2009.

Managers do the daftest things,, Business view, March 24 2009.

Can too much success lead to failure?, Management, Bob Selden, February 27 2009.

The crisis: Moblizing boards for change, MHA's Executive briefing, February 2009.

CEO departures break record, Fortune Magazine, Jennifer Reingold, January 16 2009.


“Think Again is a great book for any senior leader or team wanting to avoid ‘big’ mistakes. It relates fascinating descriptions of how the human mind works to real-world examples of bad decisions—and, gives the reader a set of useful tools to avoid making bad choices.”
Peter F. Volanakis, President and COO, Corning Inc.

“Think Again provides clear, easy-to-understand insights into the way the human brain works in decision making, along with practical ideas on how we can safeguard against making bad decisions ourselves. For those of us who like to understand how and why things happen and how to fix them, this is a great book.”
Jeanie Daniel Duck, author, The Change Monster

“Finkelstein, Whitehead, and Campbell have written a highly engaging book with exciting new research on how the brain works, and practical advice for leaders who want to improve their decision-making skills. If you face critical choices in your leadership role, you’ll find this book thought-provoking and directly applicable to your work.”
Michael A. Roberto, Trustee Professor of Management, Bryant University

“Think Again is a well-written and well-researched analysis of decision making, offering important insights on how to make good decisions and avoid errors. It provides a reasoned approach to reducing risks and ensuring sound leadership decisions.”
Ronald A. Williams, Chairman and CEO, Aetna Inc.

“This is a must-read for leaders—especially new leaders and those on the leadership track. The excellent examples clearly relate to personal situations I’ve experienced where I sensed the issues at hand but did not have a structured way of addressing them. This book provides such a structure.”
Sir Neville Simms, Chairman, International Power plc