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Ashridge Open Enrolment Programmes

A - Z List of Open Enrolment Programmes

Advanced Management Programme
The modular Advanced Management Programme focuses on four key areas of competence which our research and experience show that successful executives excel in: providing leadership; making the most of people; driving growth and realising results and setting direction.

Advanced Organisation Design
Advanced Organisation Design is a four-day programme for consultants, business partners and line managers built around two key tools – the nine tests of organisation design and a framework for drawing organisation models.

Ashridge Leadership and Management Programme: Middle East
The Ashridge Leadership and Management Programme: Middle East is a five-day programme for mid- to senior-level managers. It will help you better understand yourself, your impact on others and the context in which you operate.

Ashridge Leadership Process
The Ashridge Leadership Process is a five-day programme for mid- to senior-level managers. It will help you to become the best leader you can be in the context of your professional role.

Coaching for Organisation Consultants
Coaching for Organisation Consultants is a five x two-day programme with a stimulating blend of coaching practice and psychological theory. Its highly interactive and experiential approach focuses on the coaching relationship and how this can be used within an organisation to make a real difference.

Consulting and Change in Organisations
Consulting and Change Organisations is a modular programme offering applied, practical insights into approaches to consulting, informed by leading-edge theory and practice.

Customer-led Strategy

Designing Operating Models
Designing Operating Models is a two-day workshop for experienced innovation and corporate development specialists, as well as finance, marketing and operations managers with a strategic responsibility for developing their business. This workshop will help you design new businesses and improve existing business models

Driving Growth and Innovation
Driving Growth and Innovation is a three-day programme for anyone who needs to better understand how their organisation can find growth, accelerate performance and make innovation work in practice.

Fast-Track Advanced Management Programme
A general management programme to extend your expertise in all operational parts of your job, develop your leadership approach and build your skills for increased organisational effectiveness.

Finance for Managers
Finance for Managers is a five-day programme for non-financial managers. It will enable you to understand the financial aspects of your job and the impact of your decisions, enabling you to work effectively alongside financial specialists.

Financial Drivers
Financial Drivers is a two-day programme for non-financial managers from any sector who are looking for the ultimate financial awareness pit-stop.

Formulating Strategy
Formulating Strategy is a three-day programme for executives involved in strategic decision-making. It will help you improve the quality of decision making and that of your organisation.

Group Level Strategy
Group Level Strategy is a three-day programme for line managers and functional specialists at group and division levels. It will improve your ability to create value by influencing the business units, promoting synergy and developing a collaborative culture.

Impact and Influence: Driving outstanding results
The five-day programme Impact and Influence: Driving outstanding results is the complete toolkit for making managers and leaders personally effective: combining strategies and skills for influencing and techniques to build your personal impact in the workplace.

Influencing Strategies and Skills
Influencing Strategies and Skills is a three-day programme for managers who must influence others to achieve success. This will build a lively awareness of how influencing works and work to your strengths so that you are investing your energies where they will have the most impact.

Leading Change and Growth
Leading Change and Growth is a three-day programme for people who need to lead their organisations through change. It is for experienced, senior people who know that change presents a challenge and would like to know more about the science and art of leading a successful implementation.

Making Strategy Happen
Making Strategy Happen is a four-day programme for managers involved in the process of turning plans into action. Building on research into business and military methods for implementing strategy this programme shows you how to bridge the three gaps of planning, implementation and adaptation.

Making Successful Acquisitions
The Making Successful Acquisitions programme helps you to examine the entire acquisition process from identifying targets through to integrating the new company.

Management Development Programme
The five-day Management Development Programme is for anyone who is new to management or a functional or technical specialist about to embark on a management role. It focuses on specific areas where managers need practical support: managing yourself and others; motivating your team; understanding how strategy, finance and marketing interrelate; enhancing your people skills and how to get the best out of your management style.

Marketing Drivers
The three-day Marketing Drivers programme will give you a distinct pathway to understand your customers, your market and its opportunities.

Performance through People
Performance through People is an intensive three-day programme which will provide you with the ability to build great teams and develop others to achieve their full potential. You will leave with all the practical tools and techniques you need for performance leadership, coaching, motivation, team building, giving and receiving feedback and difficult conversations.

Performance through People: Into action
Performance through People: Into Action is a highly practical five-day programme, which will guide you through all aspects of people management. You will gain a greater understanding of how to motivate, inspire and coach individuals and teams and manage performance through change. You will work on your own issues and scenarios, applying this learning directly to your own work environment.

Real Life Leadership
This three-day Real Life Leadership programme will help you revisit and refine your own assumptions and refine your own leadership practice.

Senior Executive Programme: Leading Strategy and Change
The Senior Executive Programme: Leading Strategy and Change is a modular programme for members of senior teams who contribute to strategy in their organisation and need to see it through to execution. The programme has been designed to give you time to develop your strategic approach and your organisational leadership; time to reflect and focus on strategic issues your organisation faces and how to address them.

Strategic Decisions
Strategic Decisions is a practical and highly interactive five-day programme for managers involved in making strategic decisions either in a general management position or a functional role, that will help you improve the quality of your strategic decision-making.

Strategic Human Resource Management
Strategic Human Resource Management is a five-day programme for senior human resource professionals; or line managers who are responsible for connecting HR with the organisation. It is designed on the principle that HR must connect with the organisation on three levels: HR strategy with the organisation strategy; the HR function with the implementation and change management; the HR leaders with the leadership community.

Strategy and Finance
The five-day Strategy and Finance programme provides you with the tools, techniques and insights you need to enable you to contribute fully to board-level decisions.

Strategy Team Seminars
A series of one-day seminars in central London covering core strategy topics.

Strategy Tools
Strategy Tools is a two-day programme for managers involved in making strategic decisions either in a general management position or a functional role. The programme will give you a practical but rigorous foundation of frameworks and tools to help you be a more effective participant in strategic decision-making.

The Leadership Experience: Leading on the Edge
The Leadership Experience: Leading on the Edge is a 3.5-day programme for high-potential managers moving into leadership roles. Based on rigorous research, this innovative and experiential programme provides you with an opportunity to accelerate your leadership development.

Translating Strategy into Action
Translating Strategy into Action is a two-day programme for managers tasked with implementing strategy it will equip you with the necessary tools to turn strategy into action and get results for your organisation.

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