Coaching for Organisation Consultants

Coaching for Organisation Consultants

Coaching for Organisation Consultants Fact File

What does this programme cover?

This is a highly interactive programme which combines psychological and organisational perspectives on coaching. Flexible to the needs and interests of the group, it will teach you how to engage with your clients at a profound level - dramatically increasing your impact on the organisation.

What will I learn?

  • What makes people tick
  • High level coaching skills to increase your impact and effectiveness
  • How to achieve great coaching through the relationship between coach and client
  • How to be an insightful and creative coach rather than just a knowledgeable coach
  • How to respond to and enable change.

You will also have the opportunity to gain the prestigious Ashridge accredited coach qualification.

Who is it for?

You already work as a coach and you wish to broaden and deepen your coaching experiences and skills or an independent consultant working with a number of client organisations, an internal consultant or an HR professional. You may also be a Senior Manager or CEO responsible for coaching a significant number of people who are not in any form of reporting relationship to you.

How will my business benefit?

Your improved coaching skills will help the coachee/your clients to know themselves better, identify their existing strengths, develop new skills and encourage experimentation.

This programme and the Ashridge Accreditation Process together have achieved the European Mentoring and Coaching Council's European Quality Award (EQA) at the highest, Master Practitioner level.

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