Executive coaching research in the Ashridge Centre for Coaching

Executive coaching research

The focus of research in the Ashridge Centre for Coaching is on executive coaching as it takes place in real settings with real clients. Although we have undertaken some outcome research (quantitative research into the effectiveness of the intervention) within the fields of executive coaching and action learning, we believe that it is important to learn from the much more extensive outcome research in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling. This has a statistical power that we will not be able to equal in this field.

We believe that much more relevant now is research into change through coaching and how this change comes about. We concur with Rice & Greenberg in the book, Patterns of Change, when they say: "What is needed is a research method that can tap the rich clinical experience of skilled practitioners in a way that will also push them to explicate what they know, yielding a rigorous description of the important regularities they have observed."

Rather than taking one number out of a whole relationship, we prefer taking a whole story out of one moment of coaching and gather evidence in a large number of such stories.

Here are some of our key areas of research with an update of our main findings:

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