Ashridge Centre for Action Research

Ashridge Centre for Action Research

About Us

The Ashridge Centre for Action Research was established in 2010 to create a focus for practitioner-centred action research and inquiry within Ashridge and beyond. Members of the Centre work as action researchers, consultants and educators with a wide range of individuals and organisations. We are passionate about the way action research bridges between thinking and doing, between the world of ideas and the world of messy, everyday action, helping us to act more thoughtfully, more effectively, and more in service of the values that matter to us.

Our activities include:

  • Action research projects, helping people to reflect on and develop their work. We also aim to share the learning more widely through writing up the projects in articles and case studies.
  • Supporting other consultants, managers and people acting as change-agents, who want to take a reflective and inquiring approach to their work in organisations.
  • Supervising a wide range of graduate students as they undertake action research and action inquiry projects and write about them.
  • Running short courses and other events to help connect and inform people who are working with action-oriented approaches in their work.
  • Publishing our activities, in academic and practitioner journals.

We work closely with other Ashridge Research Centres, particularly the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability.