Ashridge Research Office

Research Office

The research office team supports Ashridge faculty in delivering high quality business and management research. We work in partnership with a network of Research Fellows and Research Associates.

Vicki Culpin

Vicki is Dean of Faculty and Director of Research and a member of the Ashridge faculty. She works with a range of clients, nationally and internationally, from the public, private and cultural sectors and delivers guest lectures around the UK on a variety of psychological topics.

Lee Waller

Lee Waller is Director of the Ashridge Centre for Research in Executive Development, which conducts and disseminates research around adult learning, including the cognitive, emotional, behavioural and neurological processes involved in learning, the process of learning transfer, organisational learning, and methods to meaningfully evaluate the impact of learning. Her recent research projects have explored the neurological processes involved in experiential learning, the importance of the individual in the transfer of learning, and the role and influence of the leadership development professional within modern organisations. Lee teaches in the areas of neuroscience and learning, and developing a high performing learning organisation. She is also an accredited feedback giver providing individual, one to one feedback on a range of psychometric instruments, including the MBTI Step 1, FIRO-B, Profilor, and the Ashridge Inventory of Management Skills. She is also experienced in providing assessment and feedback for learning and development assessment centres.

Amy Armstrong

Amy is a Research Fellow and Member of Faculty at Ashridge. Her research and teaching interests include well-being, personal resilience, engagement, compassion and mental health at work. Amy is also interested in the concept of 'reflexivity' and reflexive practice among managers as a means of self-development. Amy teaches on the Ashridge MBA, the Executive Masters in Management (EMiM) and on custom programmes for the Civil Service and the NHS. Amy also leads the People Module on EMiM and acts as a personal mentor to students on the Ashridge MBA programme.

Trudi West

Trudi is a faculty member at Ashridge and part of the Leadership and People Community of Practice. She has a keen interest in how people develop and grow as part of their own learning experiences and as such, she is interested in motivation, particularly what drives learning, development, understanding and action at a personal as well as an organisation level. Within her work at Ashridge, Trudi facilitates learning through the design and delivery of programmes as well as through her research. She has examined the leadership and team outcomes for the skippers and crew of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and developed the ‘Winning Behaviours’ framework which encourages a balanced approach to developing self and others in relation to alignment, capability and autonomy. She is also researching the concept of risk by exploring how senior managers actually think about and work with risk.

Viki Holton


Viki is a Research Fellow at Ashridge. Her interests include surveying current trends in management and management development, best practice in career development, HR, equal opportunities and the development of women managers.


Carina Schofield

Carina joined Ashridge in 2007 as a researcher in the Public Leadership Centre, and is now a Research Fellow working on a number of applied research projects. Her research interests are in the areas of psychology (cognitive, social, developmental and forensic) and technology (in particular, issues surrounding trust and privacy and in the effective use of technology in enhancing learning). She also provides research advice and support to Ashridge faculty and has strong links to the wider research team at Ashridge.


Ayiesha Russell

Ayiesha joined Ashridge in 2011 as a Research Assistant in the Virtual Ashridge Research Centre, and provides research advice and support to Ashridge faculty. Her specific research interests are in the areas of virtual learning, career development, executive development and organisational learning. Currently Ayiesha is researching the learning experiences of managers, mobile learning and virtual learning within education.


Nadine Page

Nadine is a Researcher in the Ashridge Research Team and primarily works on research projects within the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability (ACBAS). Her research interests are in the areas of sustainability and change from both an individual and organisational perspective. Nadine also provides advice and support on research methods and design, and data analysis and statistics, to faculty and students across Ashridge.