Masters in Executive Coaching

Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching

Module 4 - Inquiry into the coaching profession

This is an explorative journey of four 3-day workshops, facilitated by Ashridge executive coaches, where you meet and work with selected accomplished coaches in the field, most of whom have published widely and teach on other coaching programmes. You will also be offered five coaching supervision sessions to help you further deepen your reflective practice as coach.

Workshop 1: The coach and their perceptual system

  • Effectiveness: outcomes, what works for whom, adherence, allegiance

  • Common factors in effectiveness: which ones have been proposed

  • Common factors residing with the coach: personality and a-specific factors

  • Human perception, including thresholds, distortions, illusions, selective attention

  • The importance of ‘the perception of the coach’: their perceptual apparatus and how they are perceived

  • Inquiry: how am I perceived as effective by my clients?

Workshop 2: The coachee and their emotions

  • Human self-regulation, including emotions, thoughts, actions

  • Emotions and their relation to change and to defences

  • From feelings to thinking and how to facilitate this

  • Domains of coaching and life stages

  • The importance of boundaries: with therapy/ of our own professional competence/ between different coaching domains (mediation, counselling, career)

  • Inquiry: how can I learn from my ‘critical moments’ with clients?

Workshop 3: The relational

  • The co-created relationship; co-creativity

  • Unconscious processes in relationships

  • Critical moments in the coaching relationship (‘moments of meeting’)

  • Integrative approach to critical moments

  • The role of power in relationship

  • Inquiry: how can I learn from my ‘critical moments’ with clients?

Workshop 4: Working with the organisation through coaching

  • The 'business' of coaching: markets, unique selling points, setting up your practice

  • My coaching proposition’

  • Coaching in business: the organisation in the mind

  • Coaching as an organisational intervention

  • Dynamics of organisational entry

  • Participative inquiry into the coaching market.

Upcoming workshop dates

  • Workshop 1: 5-7 March 2014
  • Workshop 2: 7-9 May 2014
  • Workshop 3: 2-4 July 2014
  • Workshop 4: 1-3 October 2014