Masters in Executive Coaching - Module 2 - Reflective Learning Journey

Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching

Module 2 - Reflective Learning Journey

At the start of the programme you receive a copy of the Personal Reflection Journey, which helps you to prepare for and reflect upon each of the workshops in Module 1. The Personal Reflection Journey runs simultaneously with Module 1 and is an exercise in reflecting on practice and integrating the relevant theory. The Personal Reflection Journey comprises:

  • Ten tasks to be completed during Module 2, intended to make the learnings of every workshop more pertinent to you as an individual, and to help you transfer any new approaches, ways of working and theoretical input to your own coaching practice.

  • Ten recommended articles or book chapters to read during the course of the programme, equivalent to two per workshop. Each article poses at least two questions for you to answer: one question about the article itself and the particular perspective or innovative thinking that it brings; and one question to help you relate the article to your own coaching practice.

  • You will be supported in this process by a member of Faculty to facilitate the development of your critical thinking and integration of theory into your coaching practice.

  • Your Journal from the journey will be marked by specially selected members of Faculty.