Masters in Organisational Change - organisational benefits

Ashridge Masters in Organisational Consulting

Benefits to the organisation

Completing the AMOC programme enables participants to develop a more strategic and credible presence as leaders and to bring a perspective that is different and goes beyond ‘business as usual’. Participants are encouraged to bring real and current organisational issues to the workshops as material for applying their growing competences, giving the sponsoring organisation the benefit of innovative insight not only from other participants but from faculty as well.

AMOC enables this by:

  • An experiential and radical approach to learning that develops a heightened sense of self awareness in participants as they reflect on their impact and influence in organisational contexts
  • Engaging participants with work-based assignments that demand an unusual level of rigour in order to help address organisational issues such as the need to improve processes and relationships or bring about greater efficiencies
  • Introducing alternative theoretical perspectives that bring new insights and challenge tightly held assumptions about organising and change. The programme offers the unique combination of access to leading edge research and faculty who themselves are thought leaders in the field
  • Creating an environment where learning and experience is shared with a diverse and challenging group of peer practitioners - working in a range of profit and not for profit sectors in multiple international settings
  • Incorporating a virtual element throughout the AMOC experience to reflect the reality of working in 21st century organisations.

We have prepared a document to help participants put forward a case to their employer about the value this qualification adds to both individuals and the organisation. Please download Preparing for your Masters in Organisational Change: Building a Business Case for Company Support or contact Julie Britten should you prefer a hard copy.