Masters in Organisational Change alumni

Ashridge Masters in Organisational Consulting

Life after AMOC

The Ashridge and AMOC Alumni groups offer a great opportunity to continue the learning and networking.

AMOC Alumni

Previous and current AMOC participants join the AMOC Alumni community, which is an informal and free networking group.

The prime purpose of this community remains to offer a way that people can keep in touch with the AMOC community which is an extraordinary group of people working in organisations in many different ways but all informed by their shared AMOC experience. Membership of the AMOC Alumni is informal and every member receives invitations to the workshops which take place 3 times a year at Ashridge. The workshops are all led by AMOC Alumni volunteers and the topics vary widely. The intention is to offer a spread of themes across the Organisational Consulting field and to give Alumni an opportunity to explore new thinking.

The Alumni community is administered by Bob Janes, who graduated from the programme's first group, AMOC 1. For more information on the AMOC alumni you can contact Bob Janes directly.

Ashridge Alumni

The Alumni is a thriving and challenging international network which provides opportunities to build on the relationships begun at Ashridge and to develop networks across a diverse and growing community. The Alumni, through its commitment to deliver opportunities for continuous lifelong learning, offers a supportive and collegiate way for individuals to continue their development. Benefits include access to the Ashridge Library and Virtual Ashridge for personal development, work and study as well as a range of business events, including briefings, workshops, seminars and master classes and social events.

Next Steps

If you have completed the Ashridge Masters in Organisational Change, then consider the following two programmes:

Ashridge Doctorate in Organisational Change (ADOC)

The Ashridge Doctorate in Organisational Change is designed to help you develop your consulting practice to a higher level.

Ashridge Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching & Organisation Development Supervision (ACOS)

The Ashridge Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching & Organisation Development Supervision (ACOS), is designed to help you learn how to be a supervisor of other consultants.