Masters in Executive Coaching - What will I learn?

Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching

What will I learn?

The programme reflects our philosophy about the nature of change and learning, in that it seeks to create a learning climate of reflection and experimentation, rather than simply relying on didactic input. In doing so we draw on principles of adult learning and development well grounded in research.

Ashridge tutors will offer state-of-the-art and coherent models and perspectives. We advocate a broadly humanistic, relational approach to coaching, with the emphasis on self-directed learning by the coaching client. The coach acts as a guide and facilitator rather than as expert advisor.

This requires us as coaches to increase awareness of our whole experience (thoughts, feelings, body sensations) as well as attending to the client and client's organisational context.

Programme delivery is through a mix of short teaching inputs on coaching theories and models, coaching practice with other participants and both small and large group discussions. Each of the modules includes ‘co-coaching’ with fellow participants as well as live supervision. In the second year programme delivery becomes a collective and deeper inquiry into the main elements of coaching: the coach, the client, the relationship and the organisation.

The programme is relaxed and informal – we work in a large circle of chairs without tables and we use the group process and dynamics to illustrate our points. This is not simply a skills training programme – we try to make the theoretical content easy to digest, by inviting participants to critically reflect on theory and practice, where our interest is in putting knowledge into practice.

The models and approaches to executive coaching that we teach are inspired by our own established publications in the field and by the ongoing research that takes place within the Ashridge Centre for Coaching.

You will:

  • Develop and broaden your coaching and mentoring skills
  • Develop greater awareness of yourself to enable you to use more of yourself with choice and skill
  • Benchmark your approaches as a coach
  • Understand and be informed by theoretical frameworks that support effective coaching
  • Practise both familiar and new coaching skills and interventions
  • Acquire a personal vision on the outcome of executive coaching and, more particularly, of your own coaching work
  • You will be part of a diverse and experienced community of coaches

Programme overview

Module 1 - Relational coaching in practice - learn more Module 2 - Reflective learning journey - learn more Module 3 - Ashridge Accreditation Process - learn more Module 4 - Inquiry into the coaching profession - learn more Module 5 - Inquiry into coaching - learn more