Masters in Executive Coaching - participant insights

Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching

Participants have described this programme as life changing.

Because it improves and expands their coaching skills and gives them an unforgettable experience.

Listen and read their personal thoughts about the programme, from the first cohort in 2007 through to the current programme.

Andrew Atter, Managing Partner, Executive Dialogue Ltd

Stephanie Conway, Global Sales Operations Manager, Google Ireland Ltd

Paul Rutherford, Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator,

Jude Elliman, Director, Listening Partnership Ltd

Stephen Newman, Executive Coach, Founder, Critical Moments

Jane Cox, on her programme experience

AMEC 1 - Class of 2007/08 programme insights

“I think I found myself during this second AMEC year. Instead of being a company director, I decided to go out and work on my own. I can recognise who I am and what I can contribute to my clients. It was a tough, challenging journey. There is so much time to reflect on who you are and who you want to be. I call it the “Ashridge Experience”. It is quite a profound journey

Jane Cox, self-employed executive coach, AMEC 1

“It has had an impact on my professional life. Since completing AMEC I get in to client meetings because my CV stands out from the crowd. The quality of the work I am now getting and who I am working with has considerably changed and improved.”

Marina McGoldrick, Ashbourne McGoldrick, AMEC 1

“The change is continuous. A lot of things that I did not realise were important when on the programme, are now proving to be useful in everyday business practice. Some of the things I found hard and challenging, now serve me better as a result”

Kala Flynn, Futures Partnerships, AMEC 1

“Towards the end of the programme I started to work with a key senior client. Without AMEC I wouldn’t have had the confidence to move the relationship forward as well as I did. My AMEC support was like a bedrock on which I could build. I knew I could trust myself in leading the programme and running the panel of coaches that worked with the client. That was pretty significant.”

Siobhan McAleer, Irish Management Institute, AMEC 1

AMEC 2 - 2008/2009 programme insights

"One of the reasons I joined the programme was to get my arms around the subject of executive coaching. I have been a mentor and coach for nearly 16 years. I was concerned that there were big chunks of material I didn’t know anything about. I was right – not just where expected in being unaware of elements of the research and theory, but above all I didn’t know much about me.

The last couple of years at Ashridge has been a scary and deeply rewarding journey. Scary because I had to become as curious about me as I hope I have been about my clients; scary because I had to face my fears about failure and let go of my model of perfection. And the rewards: I have found out that life, emotions, relationships and performance are messy, cannot be fully controlled and there are no perfect answers, and that’s OK. This has helped me to be a much better coach for my clients.

My thanks to all the tutors and fellow students who have supported me and enriched my career and my life. I highly recommend the AMEC course to anyone interested in working in a supportive and inquiring environment to develop their coaching knowledge and their understanding of themselves as coaches."

Ann Baldwin, Cardene Professional Development, AMEC 2

‘I joined the Ashridge Masters Programme in order to learn ‘that which I didn’t know’. I have been running a successful business coaching practice for the last 5 years and was interested to find a formal coaching programme to hone my skills. I have found my time at Ashridge and the programme rigorous, highly stimulating and at times very challenging. I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to take their coaching to the next level.’

Piers Fallowfield-Cooper, Founder Mind-Star Executive Development Ltd, AMEC 2

AMEC 3 - Class of 2009/10 programme insights

"The programme content was very interesting and new to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to stretch myself further to encompass all the learning that is so different for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful interaction of the group I was privileged to join. I learnt a huge amount from the other members of my group and look forward to learning more from them next year."

Valerie Pierce, AMEC 3

"I’m still absorbing what I have learned, which is a lot. As a sales professional I have long appreciated the power of questions. I have always considered myself to be a good listener and communicator. This programme has taken me to a much higher level. I can see what I can achieve with practice. For me AMEC is “a gymnasium for the coaching mind” and I appreciate the learning, the supervision and the need to practice regularly. "

Stephen Newman, AMEC 3

Nine months have just flown by
And now we’ve reached July
Our course comes to an end
But we’ve made some lasting friends

We’ve laughed and we have cried
Opened up, and tried to hide
Never knew the path we’d seek
Would bring highs, and lows so deep

But a risk we chose to bridge
And joined them at Ashridge
Our tutors taught us well
Erik, Charlotte, … and Bill

Introduced what’s figural
We responded ‘grounderal’
Knowing what we’ve shared’s special
Focussed on relational

We’ve learned …..

Heron’s not just a bird
Script is more than written word
Seven eyes not a monster
Faced perfection and Utopia

We can swallow introjects
And can sometimes be perplexed
Avoid hidden trap doors
And look out for metaphors

Presents - not just for unwrapping
Trap doors - not just for trapping
Behavioural drivers aren’t chauffeurs
Solutions - can be worse

We can stick with being stuck
And contracts can be struck
Hypotheses we can posture
And silence we can foster

We’ve studied personality
And what makes me, me
And the answers lie with you
And the role a coach can do

Learning can be single, double
And we can now do triple
But by the end of our day
We’re in need of crème brûlée

We gather in the bar
Happy we have come so far
But this is not the end
We’ve made new and lasting friends

We shared a special time
Class of (2000) Eight stroke Nine
And yes we’ve had such fun
And yes our journey’s just begun.

Cathryn Morris, AMEC 3