Masters in Executive Coaching - Options for Organisations

Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching

Options for Organisations

As part of our offer to organisations we have taken specific components from our Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching and designed tailored programmes to meet our clients’ needs. This has resulted in two current offers;

  • Developing Internal Coaches; and
  • Developing Executive Coaching as part of a Consulting offer.

Developing Internal Coaches

As an organisation, do you want to develop the professional capability internally to coach across the organisation, in order to reduce costs, or lessen dependency on external Executive Coaches? The challenges in such an exercise can be many, from developing the framework within the organisation to make this work, to developing the group of coaches and keeping them focused on the organisational and leadership agenda.

We have developed a model for Internal Coaches that is based on our successful open programme, Coaching for Organisation Consultants and have had significant experience of supporting organisations to achieve a successful cadre of internal coaches, including providing certification and ongoing supervision.

We are working with a renowned airline, supporting the organisation in an organisational wide initiative to develop a coaching culture. Part of this process is to develop and support a range of senior managers on an ongoing basis, who spend a proportion of their time coaching others across the organisation.

Developing Executive Coaching as part of your Consulting offering

If you are a consulting organisation, do you offer executive coaching? Are your coaches all working to the same standards and code of ethics? For organisations considering how to ensure quality, we offer two approaches that can be run within your organisation.

Accreditation – we are happy to accredit your coaches, through providing a ‘refresher’ workshop, as a process of support, and ongoing supervision if required.

Coaching for Organisation Consultants and Accreditation – if coaching is a relatively new offering for your organisation, we are happy to run this programme tailored around the needs of your organisation, adapted as appropriately for the background of the consultants. We can then set them on the successful path to accreditation.

We are currently working with HRM Partners in Helsinki. Their vision is to be the leader in personal leadership coaching in Finland. We have run Coaching for Organisation Consultants programme on the basis of 3 x 3 day workshops and now provide ongoing virtual supervision as the team prepare for accreditation.

Institutional Collaboration

Since 2007, Ashridge Consulting has developed an institutional collaboration with the Center for Ledelse (Centre for Leadership) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Participants can attend the first module of AMEC in English and Danish in Copenhagen, are supervised and tutored by Ashridge faculty, and can then choose to be accredited and achieve the rest of their MSc in executive coaching at the Ashridge Business School together with the international second-year cohort. “We are delighted that we are able to offer such an internationally renowned programme adapted to the Danish context and business coaching tradition”, says Hafdis Thorsteinsdottir, Head of Knowledge Centre at CFL.”