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Coaching Alumni - Special Interest Group

The Special Interest Group (SIG) was conceived by Alumni of the first AMEC programme with the aim of creating a stimulating environment in which to continue our learning, share ideas and continue to develop our special relationship with Ashridge.

The SIG ‘environment’ is open, flexible and self-managed, providing participants with the opportunity to learn from the talent, skills and experience offered by colleagues who have attended sessions at Ashridge.

Typically, the morning will be semi-structured with a theme or topic for discussion, either facilitated by an ‘expert’ in that field or someone with a passion to explore that area and its impact in coaching. In the afternoon, participants have the option of going to Supervision (all SIG sessions are scheduled to coincide with Ashridge Group Supervision dates) or you may wish to may take part in a facilitated Open Space discussion around the morning’s topic – or whatever is figural for you. Alternatively you may prefer to use the time to meet up with colleagues or simply use the wonderful facilities at Ashridge, by going for a walk or following up ideas with further reading in the Library.

Do come and join us!

Jane Cox, seasoned Alumna and current SIG Coordinator

"I am very proud and excited about the Coaching Alumni events. They are always different, stimulating and fully self-managed by alumni who know what other coaches want and need for their continuous professional development (CPD). The workshops complement our programmes very well and are relevant for those still on the coaching programmes, those who have graduated over the past few years and those who have been on our Coaching for Organisation Consultants programme since 2002."

Erik de Haan, Director of the Ashridge Centre for Coaching

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Forthcoming Events

Cost is £42 plus VAT which includes lunch. For more information please contact Debbie Ellis.

Thursday 4 September, 09:30-12:45, Ashridge
Transformational Leadership: Becoming Powerful by Being Vulnerable

Claudette Sutton is Director of META – the Minority Ethnic Talent Association for the Civil Service. Claudette has done extensive work on talent development in the Civil Service, in all sectors of the UK school, college and university systems. She has recently completed her Ashridge Masters on the topic of Race in Coaching.

The event will invite alumni to examine the issues involved in coaching clients from diverse backgrounds and to consider their own approach to such coaching relationships. The session will encourage participants to think about questions of cultural sensitivities, to reflect on their own personal approach and how this might be affected by cultural differences. We will also want to consider how unconscious bias may affect our corporate psyche in our attitudes to class, status and history.

The objective will be to emerge with a fuller and deeper understanding of how difference affects us and how this may inform our coaching.

Thursday 4 December, 09:30-12:00, Ashridge
‘The Leadership Shadow: How to Recognise and Avoid Derailment, Hubris and Overdrive’

In today's fast paced and competitive business world, executives have to push themselves and others hard. Under stress and challenge, the qualities executives have relied on to get them to the top and to achieve outstanding results can overshoot into unhelpful actions that lead to business and personal catastrophes.

The Leadership Shadow (published by Kogan Page (U.K.) and Van Gorcum (NL) ) is due to be launched on 4 December and draws on the experience of executives to analyse what actually happens when leaders express the dark side of leadership. It also shows how executives can find stability in the face of uncertainty, resilience in the face of gruelling demand, and psychological equilibrium in the face of turbulence.

We are delighted that co-authors Erik de Haan and Anthony Kasozi will be giving us a preview in our SIG session and sharing some of the key leadership issues they explore in the book:

  • How to provide sound, ethical leadership in an increasingly transparent and interconnected workplace
  • How leaders can overcome their own leadership shadows
  • How to escape the unhelpful and corrupting patterns that so many of our leaders succumb to
  • How to foresee and forestall some of the personal risks in taking up a leadership role
  • How high-performing executives can prevent relationship breakdowns, strategic failures and minimise the risks of derailment

To reserve your place at either event please contact Debbie Ellis by calling: +44 (0)1442 841186 or emailing Debbie Ellis


Forthcoming Workshops

Relational Gestalt with Bill Critchley and Gaie Houston
Thursday 6 – Friday 7 November 2014, Ashridge

This workshop will use the Gestalt approach as an orientation within which Bill with participants, will be invited to engage, experiment and make sense of ourselves, our peers and the wider context by locating us in the here and now of our inter-connected world. More information.

Relational Psychodynamics with Andrew Day and Erik de Haan
Monday 28 – Tuesday 29 April 2015, Ashridge

This 2-day workshop will explore unconscious relational processes emerging in the practice of coaching in organisations. It will cover an overview of theoretical concepts from relational psychoanalysis and systems psychodynamics that can help coaches to understand unconscious dynamics and processes. More information.

Costs are £450 (+ VAT) per participant excluding accommodation or £570 (+ VAT) per participant with accommodation.

To reserve your place please contact Rebecca Piper by calling: +44 (0)1442 841186 or emailing Rebecca Piper.