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Your MBA at a glance

1 Orientation Module

The aims of the orientation module are to: explore the nature of management, introduce students to faculty and support staff and provide them with an overview of the programme, provide students with the foundational skills to enable them to study at Masters level within a UK higher education context, and to establish the "ground rules" which would help enable a positive learning experience, and to make students aware of their own learning styles and the implications of these.

8 Core Subjects

The core subject areas are: Personal Impact, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Leadership, Operations, Innovation, and Managerial Economics. By teaching each core subject with the integrative themes, you gain a wider understanding of how the subject fits into the real world and how to apply the lessons effectively.

4 Integrative Themes

The four integrative themes in the Ashridge MBA are designed to develop and influence the eight core subjects. The themes of creating value, leading change, embedding sustainability and managing globally effect all areas of business and Ashridge aims to represent that through these topics.

1 International Business Experience

One of the highlights of the MBA programme, this involves a group visit to an emerging market to meet businesses and explore the challenges and issues of working across diverse cultures and markets. The group will be presented with live issues from organisations and then be expected to develop their consultancy skills defining solutions to present back to the organisation.

1 Project Experience

Individual or group project selected from the following types of projects: applied consultancy project, applied entrepreneurial project, action research, or academic dissertation. The aim of the MBA project is to further develop knowledge, synthesis and critical analytical skills in a range of business disciplines and to apply these in a practical setting.

2 Professional Development Streams

Effective engagement
The module aims to ensure that on completion, you have the skills and abilities to contribute to the success of your team and organization.

Employability programme
The overall aim of the programme is to ensure the employability of students, through the development of self-awareness and career skills.

Up to 12 Masterclasses

Masterclasses provide you with interactive workshops presented by leading industry experts working alongside our faculty sharing their real experiences. Masterclasses are also open to MBA Alumni in order to provide additional networking value over and above content.

Masterclasses could cover topics such as ‘mergers and acquisitions’, ‘digital marketing’, ‘critical thinking’ and ‘employee engagement’.

How is the MBA assessed?

Assessments are tailored to the learning objectives of each subject and are therefore not standardised across the programme. The aim is to ensure that you are as involved in a real life business situation as possible, thus the focus on practical assessments rather than traditional long exams.

All subjects/themes are assessed during that semester either pre-subject, during subject or post-subject. A range of assessments are used, including in-class tests, group or individual presentations and/or live case studies, individual assignments or reflective journals. The MBA project is a substantial part of your overall assessment.

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