Ashridge MBA - Employability

MBA Employability

Ashridge MBA Employability

The overall aim of the programme is to ensure the employability of students, through the development of self-awareness and career skills. The Employability Programme is an optional module of the MBA programme and is available throughout the duration of the MBA Programme. It builds on psychometric assessments used in other modules of the programme as part and contributes to work with students to gain greater self-awareness.

It is designed to help students build their future career plans by reflecting on their current and past situations. Through a process of self-discovery and understanding, the students will then move from personal reflection towards identifying their career interests and exploring the steps involved in achieving personal career goals.

MBA project role in employability

Students will be encouraged to consider how the MBA project can assist them in their career journey.

Online resources, Ashridge faculty, Ashridge learning resources and external speakers help build the students’ self-marketing skills and resources in preparation for securing a project. The project is a foundation for building future career opportunities through networking relationships, referrals and experience.

The implementation of Employability skills in securing a project provides practice whilst building a foundation for future job opportunities. The Employability and project elements complement each other as they both are directed towards achieving the same goals through continued networking, relationship building, interviewing, and researching relevant industries and companies.

  • Career planner
  • Workshops
  • Online resources