Business Briefing in Denmark

The Neurobiology of Leadership and Resilience and Wellbeing in Organisations

Come and join us for a complimentary networking event and learn more about our latest thinking and practice in Organisation Design for a Complex World with Philippa Hardman and Dev Mookherjee

Ashridge Business School is delighted to invite you to a complimentary business dialogue in Copenhagen.

Most organisations regularly make significant changes to structures, responsibilities or connecting processes in order to improve and grow their businesses. Changes in the external environment, changes in strategy and changes in people all contribute to the need for regular adjustments to the organisation

However, senior leaders rarely have the opportunitt to share their experiences, insights, challenges and successes in organisation design with other organisations and senior executives, or to robustly discuss new thinking and practices in this field with peers

Providing such a platform for conversations amongst senior executives, we would be pleased to welcome you to this Ashridge Business Dialogue.

During this highly interactive Business Dialogue, we will explore the following questions:

  • What are the myths surrounding organisation design work?
  • How can organisations adapt and change meaningfully to deliver strategic priorities?
  • How can we design organisations in order to deal with fast-paced markets, technological developments and to engage with the wider community?
  • How can we best model complex organisations to incorporate many different roles, geographies and functions?
  • What criteria could we apply when thinking of restructuring our company?
  • How can we build flexibility and agility into our structural set-up?

Why should you come?:

  • You are a senior executive whose work involves organisation design and who is working closely with a function, division or business unit.
  • You are a business leader needing to work effectively to lead and deliver an effective organisation structure
  • You would like to assess the suitability of the current organisation structure or of a proposed new structure
  • You would like to be able to identify where your company's structure is weak and generate ideas to make the structure more effective
  • You would like to be able to decide where processes, skill, people decisions, values, reward systems and leadership styles need to be strengthened to make your chosen organisation structure work



12:30 Arrivals and Refreshments
12:45 Welcome and Introductions with Berit Daugaard-Freese - Ashridge Representative Nordic
13:00 Input on Organisation Design with Philippa Hardman and Dev Mookherjee
The Context and Challenges for Organisation Design
Elements of Organisation Design
13:45 Breakout into small 'Coffee Groups'
Sharing thoughts, resonances and questions
How does this relate to your experiences?
14:15 Coffee Break
14.45 Plenary Discussion
Sharing outcomes of breakout groups
15.45 Closing Round with Philippa Hardman and Dev Mookherjee
Rethinking Organisation Design
Sharing Insights
16:15 Q&A Session
16.45 Refreshments and Networking
17.15 End

Dev Mookherjee, BA, MSc, MBA, MCMI

Dev Mookherjee

Dev is a Consultant with Ashridge Business School. His aim is to help organisations and individuals in building successful strategic processes which acknowledge past successes while encouraging challenge and diversity to deliver future change. Dev’s interests are in strategic development, innovation (particularly product and service innovation) and cultural diversity. His experience includes strategy reviews and development, product innovation and mergers and acquisitions. He has worked in the education, retail banking and loyalty sectors in a number of markets including Japan, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Scandinavia. Dev understands change to be about learning and developing, as an individual as well as within an organisation. He enjoys working with groups and is fascinated by the developments individuals go through and how they can learn by pushing their own personal boundaries. Dev is an experienced consultant with an interest in making things happen. He gained his expertise in strategy development and organisational change from working for organisations from the retail banking, travel, education and loyalty sectors in a number of markets including Japan, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Scandinavia.

Philippa Hardman, MA (Hons)

Philippa Hardman

Philippa Hardman is a consultant at Ashridge Business School and specialises in working with organisations to help them have better quality discussions about strategy and change. In particular she works with Boards and senior management teams at that point where strategy and change intersect to stretch their strategic ambitions, analyse possible scenarios and think through challenging decisions. Philippa’s view is that her role is not to provide expert answers, but to facilitate a robust process – providing in-the-moment specialist expertise where needed – that helps produce innovative options, provides challenge, helps stuck thinking, and resolves conflict. Her work focuses on increasing the participation of people across an organisation to ensure that any changes are not only achieved but are sustainable. Philippa works with a wide range of clients across the public and private sectors (Europe and North America). Clients include Avis, Aviva, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Barclays, BBC, Beiersdorf, The Cochrane Collaboration, Egmont Group, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Home Office, House of Commons, WSP Group. Philippa has co-authored a number of articles on strategy engagement and practice as well as a chapter entitled “Strategy engagement - success through collaborative action” in What You Need To Know About Strategy (Whitehead, 2011). These can be found on her faculty page at She is currently co-authoring a book on strategy for The Economist. .

Event details

4 November 2014

12:30 until 17:15

Philippa Hardman and Dev Mookherjee

Dansk-Tysk Handelskammer
Kongens Nytorv 26, 3.
DK-1050 Copenhagen V


The event will last for around five hours and will be interactive with opportunities for further discussion.

There is no fee to attend the event but places are limited. Please reserve your place by emailing your booking to Katja Schaller or Berit Daugaard-Freese at: or by contacting us on +44 1442 841015

Berit Daugaard Freese, MSC, MBA

Berit Daugaard-Freese

Berit is the Ashridge Representative Nordic and an associate consultant at Ashridge. She has her own consultancy practice in addition to partnering with Ashridge.

Berit was with Danfoss for 14 years in several senior HR and OD positions. Previously, she spent 12 years in HR and leadership roles in international development and aid organisations.