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Team development activities and corporate enterntainment can take many forms and be incoprated into an event to achieve a variety of goals. The Conference and Events team at Ashridge are able to recommend organisations to provide these services, but clients are at liberty to choose their own suppliers.

The most commonly booked activities include:

Icebreakers and Energisers – These will typically be short (20-60 minute) sessions at the beginning, middle or end of a conference, designed to heighten the level of alertness and energy within a group in a fun way.

Team Games for Indoor and Outdoors – Often referred to as problem-solving tasks, these games can be run singularly (45 minutes) or more commonly as part of a sequence (120-240 minutes).

Learning Adventures – a term used for a more complex range of experiences characterised by their creativity, impact and the unique perspectives to common work-based problems offered by ‘indirect learning’. Whether it be fostering leadership skills through Horse Whispering, team-working in a Chocolate Factory, understanding collaboration in The Rocket Project or risk management at The Poker School, the experiences enable deep and memorable learning.

Just for Fun – ‘Playing well together’ is one of the key indicators of successful high-performing teams. Half-day exercises especially created to fit the exquisite setting of the Ashridge house and gardens. These could include croquet and falconry on the front lawn, or a bicycle treasurehunt around the estate.

Entertainers and Speakers for Dinner or After – It may be that your conference programme is packed from 9 to 5 with presentations on sales strategy and the unveiling of the latest financial control initiative. With only the evening to relax, you might want to consider a relaxed dinner accompanied by a cellist, or be entertained by a close-up magician. If motivation is what is appropriate, what about an inspirational speaker. But you might prefer a casino, a humorous variation on the game of bingo or a quiz.

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