Ashridge Mission Statement

Ashridge’s Mission

Ashridge’s mission is to develop managers’ knowledge, skills, behaviours and practices in order to enhance their leadership potential, personal success, that of their organisations and of wider society. To achieve this mission, Ashridge offers an integrated portfolio of qualification programmes, research, executive education, consulting, facilitation, and coaching that is directly applied to the realities and challenges being faced by organisations.

Ashridge is an independent, self-financing management school with the legal status of a charitable educational trust established by an Act of Parliament. Following an Appeal to the House of Lords, the Bonar Law Memorial Deed of Trust was extended in 1983 for Ashridge to:

  • conduct a college for the education of persons in management and related subjects
  • undertake and disseminate research in management education
  • preserve Ashridge House for the benefit of the nation

Ashridge’s activities are based on the following beliefs:

  • management is intrinsically international and multi-cultural in nature
  • organisations must respect the needs of a multiplicity of stakeholders
  • management is critical in public, private and voluntary organisations

These activities are guided by a commitment to:

  • the highest standards of quality in content, delivery and evaluation
  • the practical application of leading edge thinking
  • both rigour and relevance in the research conducted and its links to the educational experience
  • excellence in organisational learning which combines functional and behavioural expertise
  • continuous learning through a variety of learning approaches and evaluative mechanisms
  • maintenance of a world class learning environment, evident through its facilities, learning resources and support services

The achievement of the mission is dependent upon the abilities and commitment of all members of Ashridge faculty and staff. Ashridge is committed to the continuing education and development of all staff members to support its overall objectives.