Relational Practice Workshops

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Relational Practice Workshops

Executive Coaching

We are putting on a series of workshops exploring different perspectives on relational coaching. The first of the workshops in the series is entitled Relational Gestalt and is led by Bill Critchley and Gaie Houston. The second is entitled Relational Psychodynamics and is led by Erik de Haan and Andrew Day. The third in the series is entitled Relational Transactional Analysis and is led by Charlotte Sills and Graeme Summers.

Each relational practice workshop will be restricted to a maximum of 18 participants. Costs are £450 (+ VAT) per participant excluding accommodation or £570 (+ VAT) per participant with accommodation.

The workshops will draw from developments in our own practice and from our work on the recently published Special Issue on Relational Coaching hosted by the Journal of Management Development.

Andrew Day and Erik de Haan

Ashridge Centre for Coaching

Forthcoming workshops

Photo: Bill Critchley

Relational Gestalt with Bill Critchley and Gaie Houston
Thursday 6 – Friday 7 November 2014, Ashridge

"I understand Gestalt as a way of being in the world. As I once heard Gaie Houston, one of the most senior Gestalt practitioners working in this country, say "there is something 'right-minded' about Gestalt".

The main purpose of the workshop will be to experience Gestalt as a way of living and a basis for Consulting and Coaching Practice, through:

  • Understanding core theories and principles
  • Experimenting personally, inter-personally, in group dialogue, and though reflecting on case practice (current work).

The main content of the workshop will be:

Introducing and working with Core principles

  • Awareness
  • Figure and Ground
  • Contact
  • Presence
  • Experimentation.

Pattern formation and recognition

  • The Cycle of experience
  • Interruptions to contact.

Core Theories

  • Field Theory
  • The Paradoxical Theory of Change.

For further information, or to reserve your place please contact Rebecca Piper: +44 (0)1442 841186 or emailing Rebecca Piper.

Photo: Andrew Day and Erik de Haan

Relational Psychodynamics with Andrew Day and Erik de Haan
Monday 28 – Tuesday 29 April 2015, Ashridge

This 2-day workshop will explore unconscious relational processes emerging in the practice of coaching in organisations. It will cover an overview of theoretical concepts from relational psychoanalysis and systems psychodynamics that can help coaches to understand unconscious dynamics and processes. The intention of the workshop is to enable coaches to develop their skills to work at relational depth.

The workshop will draw on a number of case studies that illustrate how unconscious processes emerge in the coaching relationship which can be understood as reflecting unconscious anxieties and emotions in the client’s organisation. Participants will form into practice groups to share and discuss their own case work as well.

On Day 1, a range of psychoanalytic concepts will be introduced which will be used by the group to understand participants’ clients and coaching practice. Day 2 will look at how psychoanalytic theory can be used to understand relational process in social systems, including groups and organisations. The practical work of the group will be on understanding how this perspective can be used to understand the experience of the coaching client.

For further information, or to reserve your place please contact Rebecca Piper by calling: +44 (0)1442 841186 or emailing Rebecca Piper.

Photo: Charlotte and Graeme

Relational Transactional Analysis with Charlotte Sills and Graeme Summers
TBC, Ashridge

This workshop explores Transactional Analysis (TA) which is an accessible yet sophisticated approach to understanding and improving patterns of working and living with others.

Charlotte is co-director of the Coaching for Consultants course at Ashridge UK as well as working in independent practice as a coach, coach supervisor, trainer and psychotherapist. Until 2007, she was Head of the Transactional Analysis Department at the Metanoia Institute, and she is excited about using TA as a bridge between the psychological and the organisational and the private and the professional domains.

Graeme is a freelance executive coach, speaker and trainer. He has been using Transactional Analysis in his coaching work with many senior managers, worldwide, for a range of clients including Nestle, Roche, Zurich Insurance, Holcim, ABB, the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, BP, Disney and Ericsson. He is passionate about developing people through skilful use of accessible psychology.

Charlotte is officially endorsed by the International TA Association and the European TA Association to teach and supervise transactional analysts. This training will count as 14 hours of advanced training towards certification in TA.

For further information, or to reserve your place please contact Rebecca Piper by calling: +44 (0)1442 841186 or emailing Rebecca Piper.