MBA, MSc and Diploma

Steve Marshall

BA (Hons), MBA, MSc, DProf

Originally a photojournalist and advertising photographer working in London’s media industry, Steve switched careers to join the RAF as a fast-jet fighter pilot where he spent several years in operational, training and leadership roles. He went on to accept international diplomatic, strategic and internal consulting positions within the MoD before leaving to develop his own consulting practice. Following his completion of the Ashridge Doctorate in Organisational Consulting (ADOC), he joined Ashridge as an associate and faculty member.

Steve translates his ability to work with conflict and stress into creative interventions in the workplace through the use of imagery, conversation and reflective space. He has a particular interest in the intersection of vision, leadership and strategy and believes that rapid, improvisational action requires a clear and shared ‘picture’ of organisational and environmental events. His interventions catalyse the qualitative shift in relationships needed for teams and boards to develop and prepare their capability to constructively face circumstances of uncertain change and high anxiety.

His recent work includes:

  • Design and delivery of a visual inquiry into the creative design processes within a multi-national telecommunications organisation
  • Facilitation and support to the Senior Management Team and Top 40 Leaders a UK Metropolitan Council as they prepared for deep spending cuts
  • Co-design and delivery of a series of facilitated workshops for a global financial services organisation to provide improvement processes, change and executive development
  • Coaching support for a high-profile public sector leader to develop change leadership skills, manage an increasingly politicised environment and motivate multi-disciplinary teams
  • Supporting the board of a complex health/data services organisation through leadership and strategic change initiatives.
  • Steve continues to develop his ADOC research in creative identity using a variety of visual and digital methods to helps clients to envision their personal view of leadership, innovation and change. He is also designing a series of ‘practitioner workshops’ to help fellow OD professionals add contemporary visual techniques to their repertoire of organisational interventions.

    Steve's latest publications

    Marshall, S. (2014) 'Photo Dialogue: Creating the word-image that makes the difference'. In King, K., and Higgins, J. (eds) The Change Doctors - re-imagining organisations practice. UK: Libris Publishing

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    Steve Marshall
    Steve Marshall
    Steve Marshall