MBA, MSc and Diploma

Andrew Day

BSc (Hons), MSc, D.Psych, D.C.Psych, C.Psychol

Andrew has over fifteen years experience of working with large complex organisations. He has worked with organisations in the Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Public Sector including the HMRC, Healthcare, Energy and Charitable sectors. He has worked on many cross – cultural projects within Europe and between Europe and the United States. Prior to joining Ashridge, he worked for eight years as an internal organisation development consultant for Ford Motor Company.

  • Developing the executive team of a technology business
  • Development of cross boundary relationships with a London Mental Health Trust
  • Developing the leadership team of a UK public sector organisation
  • Helping an executive team of a manufacturing business introduce structural and cultural change
  • Helping to improve collaboration and understanding in a multiple organisation alliance in the automotive industry
  • Helping an automotive group develop its capability to work cross brand
  • Executive Coaching of the leadership team of a Local Authority organisation
  • Executive Coaching with Executives and Senior Managers in private and public sector organisations

Andrew is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He holds an MSc and a Doctorate in Occupational Psychology. In 2002 – 2004 he completed the Tavistock Institute's programme in Advanced Organisational Consultancy. Andrew holds the British Psychological Society’s Level A and B certificates in Psychological Assessment. He completed a professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy in January 2011.

Andrew's latest publications

Day, A. (2013) Power and the Internal: Working on the Edge, in Changing Organizations from Within: Roles, Risks and Consultancy Relationships, Whittle, S.R & and Stevens, R.C. (eds) , Gower Publishing. pp 23-42
Download Mutual trust is essential for successful change; lessons from implementing NHS reforms
Day, A. & Lubitsh, G. (2012) Mutual trust is essential for successful change; lessons from implementing NHS reforms, 360° The Ashridge Journal, pp. 13 - 21, Autumn
Download Changing the social fabric of organisations
Day, A. (2011) Changing the social fabric of organisations, 360° The Ashridge Journal, Summer, pp. 20 - 26
Day, A. (2010) Coaching at relational depth: A case study, Journal of Management Development, Autumn
Power, K. & Day, A. (2010) Developing Leaders for a World of Uncertainty, Rotman Magazine, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Autumn
Day, A. & Power, K. (2010) Developing leaders for a world of uncertainty, Rotman Magazine, Harvard Business Review, 1 September

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Andrew Day
Andrew Day
Andrew Day